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Brat Princess 2 – Mariah and Natalya – Slave with the Tiniest Penis Gets Ballbusted and used as Toilet

Brat Princess 2 – Mariah and Natalya – Slave with the Tiniest Penis Gets Ballbusted and used as Toilet




Danni has agreed to wear one thing to Natalya’s sorority party. He agreed, but he didn’t think that ‘one thing’ would mean wearing nothing but a chastity device. Danni’s now learning that he has only been invited to the sorority party to compete in two contests for the girls. The girls are entering him into both the tiniest penis contest, and the strap-on contest. Danni doesn’t know what a strap-on contest is, so he asks. The girls don’t like it when danni asks questions, so they fill his mouth with feet. While danni worships their feet, they discuss his odds of winning. They are pretty sure danni will be a top contender for tiniest penis. That’s exciting, because the sorority girl that shows the slave with the tiniest penis wins a tiara. The slave that has the smallest penis gets a prize, too. It gets ballkicked. Mariah and Natalya want to compare their slave to Chloe’s slave, to see which one is more likely to win tiniest penis. They bring in Chloe’s slave and compare the two. The girls can’t see how small the slave’s penises really are while in chastity, so they unlock the males. In the side by side comparison, Danni’s penis measures as just below average. He comes in at around three inches. But Chloe’s slave has one of the tiniest penises any of the girls have ever seen! They measure it, and it isn’t even a full inch. He is the clear winner! The girls don’t wait for the official judging. They go right into ballbusting. The winner really struggles through his punishment for possessing the tiniest penis. The girls kick the winner harder and harder until it is writhing on the floor. Then, Mariah and Natalya leave. The winner is crumpled on the floor, alone and suffering. A third girl in the sorority house comes in. She notices that a slave is pained, but doesn’t care. She needs to pee. She needs a human toilet, and the slave with the tiniest penis is conveniently already in a good position to be used. The third girl puts a funnel in his mouth and goes. When she’s done, she spits in his face a few times and tells the slave to get ready for when Mariah and Natalya come back. (17:53 long)

Production Note: Toilet slavery is implied. No consumption is shown in this clip.

Clip Contains: Mariah, Natalya, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Sorority Girls, Small Penis Humiliation, Chastity, Foot Worship, Ballbusting, Humiliation, Boot Domination, Toilet Slavery, some spitting



Keywords: small penis humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Trample Hell Part 1

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Trample Hell Part 1




Introducing new Princess Mariah! This clip is epic. Three girls beat the heck out of a slave in a multi-part trample clip. They spit on him, kick his nuts, walk all over him in black boots, all while giggling and having a great time! Natalya, Sasha and Mariah are super-cruel! Mariah’s heeled boots leave especially deep marks. This is classic Brat Princess. The beating is brutal and the girls’ joy at the slave’s suffering is palpable. The slave takes a hard beating, and it’s far from over. (12:30 long)

Clip Contains: Mariah, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Trampling, Female Domination, Boot Domination, some Spitting, Ballbusting



Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 1

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 1




This is a candid feeling clip featuring Amadahy, Alexa, Natalya and Sasha hanging out getting their shoes and feet worshiped by two slaves. The girls chat with each other while the busy slaves work to satisfy four demanding Princesses. The girls all start out wearing high heels and eventually move on to getting their feet worshipped. Amadahy uses a Ped Egg to file the bottoms of her feet. Towards the end of Part 1, she feeds one of the slaves her foot dust and washes it down with spit. (11:09 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Alexa, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Shoe Licking, Foot Worship, Foot Dust Eating, some spitting



Keywords: shoe & boot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Lola and Noe – Old Cow has one Last Good Day on the Bench (Part 2 of 3)

1080 HD: This section begins with Lola making adjustments to andy’s program to increase its productivity. Noe laughs every time andy’s receives a denial shock from the automation. They both spit into andy a few times. Noe and Lola discuss andy’s training to become a toilet once he is retired from the bench. Noe sits on andy’s face some more. Both teasers sit on andy while he is right at the edge. While sitting on him, they make hypothesis about andy’s perception of things. They mentally manipulate the broken cow as it is only allowed to breathe the air from Noe’s ass. Noe has concerns about the quality of the old cow’s pre cum. She thinks pain helps improve the product’s quality. The teasers test Noe’s theory by shocking cow andy at a high voltage. Lola remembers that andy has been trained in the past to sexualize pain. He is actually the ideal subject on which to test Noe’s theory. Noe is really happy to be able to shock the cow at a higher voltage without it losing its erection. Lola and Noe find andy’s sweet spot between pleasure and pain where he is producing the optimal amount and quality of pre cum. On what might be the old cow’s last day on the bench he is bouncing on the edge of orgasm nicely! (17:06 long)

Clip contains: Lola, Noe, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Tease & Denial, Electric Shocks, some spitting, Face Sitting, Clinical Objectification, Financial Domination, Toilet Slavery



Keywords: Milking Machine, Electric Shocks, Clinical Objectification

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Trample and Facesit a Human Carpet

1080 HD: Amadahy wants a human red carpet for her big party. Edyn helps her with the project of turning their human carpet the perfect shade of red. Amadahy and Edyn trample the carpet, first with heels, then barefoot. They jump on its chest and crotch and scrape the skin of the carpet with their heels. Amadahy and Edyn dig the points of their stilettos into the human carpets nipples. The trampling just isnt making it red enough, so they deprive the carpet of air by smothering it in their asses. Now its gone too far! Theyve made a blue carpet! Amadahy is not disappointed, though, because now the carpet matches her hair. Amadahy makes the human carpet sniff her shoes. It also worships both of the Princesses feet from its position on the floor while being trampled. Just for good measure, Edyn slaps the carpets face some and Amadahy gives it a few good hard belly punches. Edyn has to use the bathroom, so they tell the carpet to go into the bathroom, assume the toilet position, and wait for them with its mouth open. (10:21 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Trampling with Heels, Scraping the skin with Heels, Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Barefoot Trampling, Shoe Sniffing, some spitting, some foot worship, a little face slapping and a few belly punches



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