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DomNation – UNDER CONTROL. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – UNDER CONTROL. Starring Lady Towers




Never has Lady Towers massive size and strength been more on full display than in this new video clip. She literally manhandles her puny insect of a slave, as she pounces on him and pins him on her bondage table. The Cruel Colossus doesnt need no stinking shackles or restraints, as her full 220 lbs is all thatss required to keep him immobilized, helpless and under control.

And under her is exactly where he belongs while she has her way with him. Lady Towers drops her huge ass on top of his face denying him even a single breath of air. She then clamps an excruciating scissor hold on his head turning him bright beet red, and to add insult to injury she face slaps him relentlessly with her massive hands, while he is trapped and cannot move a muscle. This clip is a must watch for devotees of Amazons, wrestling, and women truly dominating men with their size and strength. No whips or BDSM toys are needed in this one.



Keywords: female domination, face sitting, wrestling, lady towers, smothering, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, ass humiliation, ass sniffing, leg scissoring

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Club Stiletto FemDom – This Time I’ve Got Him. Starring Goddess Samantha

Club Stiletto FemDom – This Time I’ve Got Him. Starring Goddess Samantha




The Face Crusher aka Goddess Samantha has been surprised by her latest victim… he survived to be crushed under her ass again. This time she uses a facesitting box to crush his head under Her huge Ass. While making him fight for air, he also has to lick her pussy and ass and then she rubs his cock, telling him to stroke it. The smothering intensity increases in true Face Crusher style and soon his legs are kicking wildly as he tries to breath. Samantha does not move. Then he stops kicking which causes her to smile and say, “This time I’ve got him.”



Keywords: face crusher, ass licking, goddess samantha, smothering, facesitting

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Club Stiletto FemDom – billy, Women Own you. Starring Lady Bellatrix

Club Stiletto FemDom – billy, Women Own you. Starring Lady Bellatrix




Lady Bellatrix and her friends have turned billy into the neighborhood bitch. He must do anything they say or they tell everyone about his dirty lifestyle and the humiliating things they have made him do. He has been forced to fuck the 80 year old lady next door, for example, and lick the fat slow girls dirty ass from down the street. We find billy on his knees waiting for Bellatrix and when she arrives she makes sure he understands his position and how disgusting he is. “I own your soul”, she tells him, slapping him across the back of his head. “As long as you should live, you are under the control of the female supremacy”. She asks him if he enjoyed eating out fat Jenny and he replies that the smell was awful. She slaps him and says he has no right to talk like that about any woman. She then slips onto the couch, pulling up her skirt and places her panty covered ass on his face. “This is the ass, you want, isn’t it?” she asks him. “Oh yes”, he replies. Her ass is sweaty as it’s a hot summer day and as she sits on his face she reminds him that he is in for a lifetime of punishment. She gets into some nice ass smothering, “Let me get my asshole right over your nose”, she tells billy. Her sweet little bubble butt looks amazing! She gets up and slaps his face and tells him to smell it, sniff it, inhale it. “Bet it’s a lot different than 80 year old ass?”, she asks him. As she turns to sit in forward position she feels her pussy getting wet and sticks her fingers inside herself before sticking them into billy’s mouth. She makes another tight seal around his mouth and nose, with her ass, and she notices that he is getting erect. She makes him pull it out and stroke it while sitting on his face some more. She tells him his cock is pathetic and then turns around again to sit forward on his face. “When you stroke that pathetic cock of yours I want you to think of old Mrs. Higgins”, she admonishes him and reminds him how he is going to be sucking and fucking all the old and ugly women around the neighborhood. She laughs seeing it makes him hard and then getting off of him tells him he is to crawl over to fat Jenny’s suite and eat her out… “And do a good job because I’ll be asking her later how you did”, she smiles. The scene closes with Bellatrix looking at the camera and issuing you a word of warning.



Keywords: lady bellatrix, facesitting, smothering

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Kinky Mistresses – Our Nylon Face Sitting Slave. Starring Mistress Susi

Kinky Mistresses – Our Nylon Face Sitting Slave. Starring Mistress Susi




Beautiful Queen Qandisa in shiny pvc leggins is joining Mistress Susi for some facesitting,milking and teasing on the sofa.Mistress Susi enjoys to touch Queens sexy ass while she is letting the slave know how good it feels

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sheer Pantyhose Ass Smothering

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sheer Pantyhose Ass Smothering




Cybill Troy’s perfect ass is even more irresistable in her sheer black pantyhose. With her scent trapped in the fine material, her slave is in delerious ecstacy with his Goddess so close to him, not even noticing as she forces his face deeper and deeper into her curvacious backside, smothering him out and controling his oxygen. Each short gasp she allows him is full of her scent, programming him to depend on her very essence to live.



Keywords: pantyhose, smothering, ass smothering, ass fetish, tease, denial, ass shaking, big butts, femdom, pantyhose smothering, hosiery, pantyhose fetish, scent fetish, smell fetish, cybill troy

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Nessie the Bully Girl – Smothering Brother To Get What I Want

Nessie the Bully Girl – Smothering Brother To Get What I Want




“I know how to get what I want, so when my brother tells me he can’t bring me to my 6am practice because he has to work…I present a very convincing argument: my BIG BUTT on his face. Haha. It’s funny, too, because I think he actually likes it, even though he begs me not to do it. And that’s why I come in wearing just my bra and THONG. I figure how can he say no to that? I start teasing him about how I know he likes it, being shoved between my butt cheeks. He denies it, but I know that he always says “no” to me at first just so I’ll sit on his face and smother him to get him to say yes. So I bounce my big butt on his face, laughing at him, and smothering him beneath my big butt and between my cheeks. He pretty much agreed to do it after just a couple of minutes…but I still want some fun, so I keep sitting on his face for a while, make him kiss my ass, and when I’m finally bored because I have better things to do, I make him pinky swear that he’ll take me, and then I tell him it’s time for my favorite part…putting him to sleep. Haha. He begs me not to, but I put him to sleep anyway. I’m such a brat, and I always get what I want…or I’ll sit on some faces until I do. My poor brother never has a chance.”

To create your own customized clip, fill out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.com on the Customs Page for Pricing info.

You might also enjoy Snitch Brother Gets Smothered or some of my other clips in these categories:




Keywords: taboo, smothering, crushing, thong, white booty, smother, redhead, pigtails, curvy, female domination, pigtails, breath play, nessie squeeze, reverse facesit, facesitting

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Kinky Mistresses – Worship our Asses. Starring Queen Qandisa and Mistress Susi

Kinky Mistresses – Worship our Asses. Starring Queen Qandisa and Mistress Susi




A Slave in Heaven. He can worship and smell the asses of Mistress Susi and Queen Qandisa, 2 Ladies with beautiful Bodys, dressed in skimpy outfits with shiny overknee boots and high heels.

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman




Enjoy the action packed Complete version of Harley vs. Batman. Harley Quinn has captured the batman, leaving him weak and powerless. She announces live on TV to the world she has built 2 websites that you can donate to. One to keep batman alive and well the other to him live on TV! She wants to give the audience a real show, so she unshackles Batman and orders him to fight her! He tries but is no match for Harley in his weaken state, She enjoys all the fun of beating him up till he is almost comatose. Now what to do with him while she’s waiting for the numbers to add up…. She notices the bat cock and decides what a good idea it would be to drain Batman of his cum before she drains him of his life! She gives him a super sloppy BJ before sucking him dry and swallowing all his batcum down. She checks the totals and it doesn’t look so good for the batman but shes nowhere near done having fun with him. Its time to fuck his mouth and tight little batcunt with her huge strap-on. She makes him choke on her dick before spraying cum all over his face! She flips him around in doggy to give him a hard anal pounding. He begs for mercy but she just laughs maniacally saying don’t beg me for mercy, beg Gotham! She fucks his tight asshole until one last donation comes in from Wonder Woman, was it enough to tip the scales in his favor? Does the batman live? will he be able to survive being smothered under Harley’s booty while being in pussy squirt?



Keywords: batman, harley quinn, beatdown, eli hunter, savannah fox, super hero, femdom, scissoring, wrestling, big booty, bush, squirting, humiliation, smothering, strong woman

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Kinky Mistresses – Houseboy – Part 2. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer

Kinky Mistresses – Houseboy – Part 2. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer




The Houseboys torment continues. After being used by Goddess Maya Liver, he is given a spanking and then made to clean her spiked heels with his mouth of course.

Domination, FemDom, Face-Sitting, Smothering, FeetHigh, Heels, Humiliation, Sensual, Teasing

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss My Ass Then Fight For Air. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss My Ass Then Fight For Air. Starring Princess Lily




Hard to find an ass as perfect as Princess Lily’s when it comes to facesitting. She is working with this slave to make him her living furniture so she expects him to be still when her ass is crushing his head and blocking his nose and mouth. She looks so damn hot in her sexy white panties and bra set. “Eventually I’ll want to sit on you for an entire movie”, she tells him, as he starts to squirm, in need of air, but Lily keeps talking about his need to go long periods without breathing, she has little concern for his needs. When she finally gets up he gasps desperately to fill his lungs. She hovers over him and the view is amazing, although not for him as she has him blindfolded. When she sits down again she extends her legs onto his body so her full weight is on him. Again she makes him kick for air before getting up and reversing her position. “Your air supply, everything that you do, is controlled by me”, she tells him. She sits for a long time and the slave appears to be losing his fight but you hear how bad he needs air when she sits up again. This time she makes him kiss her ass cheeks but just when he thinks he’s in for a break she sits back down and catches him with no air in his lungs. He struggles from the start but she pushes him to the brink before giving him another short breath. She sits down and tells him she is growing tired of him, “It’s time for you to go to sleep.” As the slave thrashes she just looks at the camera and smiles. What a way to go.

Mistress: Princess Lily

Category: Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Ass Worship, Smothering, Princess Lily, Facesitting

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