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THE MEAN GIRLS – Please Stop! Please Stop! Please Stop. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Please Stop! Please Stop! Please Stop. Starring Princess Cindi




Wait for it, wait for it The pain finally gets to him, haha! He literally cries and begs me like a little crushed boy to stop beating him. Its kind of adorable and hilariously pathetic at the same time, LOL! But how else is my new servant going to learn that I dont just stop using his flesh because it hurts him. He needs to give me his skin to mark up as long as I want and as long as his screams entertain me. He actually did a good job keeping his mouth shut until the end when the marks got really crazy and I was REALLY laying into him. I think I will keep this one around to make a good example out of. Stay tuned!

Oh, and btw this is not really a pain slave. It is just a regular slave (that DOESNT really like pain) but begged to be my servant- and was willing to endure anything to serve ME. (Which I LOVE!) So this was part of its test. And WOW was it really groveling and BEGGING for mercy at my feet by the end of it! Haha! Of course, I just laughed and kept whipping itI guess I am one of the most brutal and cruelest whips around from what I am hearing? All the slaves fear me haha. I love it.

-Princess Cindi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Slave Meets Princess Cindi. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Slave Meets Princess Cindi. Starring Princess Cindi




Its sooo special when a new slave writes in and begs to be owned by me! The fear in his eyes as he first sees me in person. LOL! Empress Jennifer is filming this for me as I put him through the real slave process where he signs the paperwork and gets a leash put around his neck and a chastity device is locked on him. The rules are explained: NO eye contact! / NO speaking unless spoken to! It is my property now. It will work for Princess in the following ways taking pain and taking it up the ass and sucking cock if told to! Cleaning my apartment for me and my boyfriend and anyone else for that matter. I might want to make a few extra dollars whoring it out! Lol. It must do whatever I say WITHOUT QUESTION! Including EARNING $$$ for me and my BF in any way possible!!!

*(BTW this is a REAL slave that followed all my commands and lives near me and REALLY works for me now!! This CAN happen if u idiots actually follow the simple orders we give u when you write in and u come here and do a good job for us!)*

-Princess Cindi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Locked Up And Owned. Starring Princess Cindi and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Locked Up And Owned. Starring Princess Cindi and Princess Carmela




This slave flew in from out of town to Los Angeles to be locked up in a chastity cage by Princess Cindi and I. Oh, we made this ordeal as humiliating as possible by tormenting him as he was putting it on. He was lucky we let him wear a mask but only because he took a ton of pain for us in the other clips we used him for.

Remember- getting locked in chastity by super-hot Mean Girls is a privilege. We arent just anybody! And we are at Mean Girl Manor doing this for real in this clip!

Oh, and of course we made his ass PAY us for this as well! Haha. We don’t do this sh*t for free motherfucker! LOL. So if you wanna pay us we will do this to you too. But you also have to pay us, let us beat you, and film the whole thing for our profit too! OMG as Cindi was Cindi was hanging this loser’s chastity key on her anklet and we were laughing about it, all I could think about is how PATHETIC this loser was to PAY us to beat him and lock him up like this…and then send him home to his wifey! LOL.

-Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Shaving Sandwich. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Shaving Sandwich. Starring Princess Cindi




I am all about making dreams come true for my slaves. So when this slave bought a pedi egg for me I knew exactly how to use it to get the slave to show his true DEVOTION to ME. After he shaved the skin cells off my foot with the scraper, I put the filings on his sandwich and made him EAT it! Haha! How FUNNY! OMFG! He literally eats the dedd skin off the bottom of my FEET as his SANDWICH TOPPING- LOL! Now THAT is true DEVOTION to me as his SUPERIOR!! 🙂 (How far would YOU go for me, loser??) – Princess Cindi



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Homework Slave Punishment. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Homework Slave Punishment. Starring Princess Cindi




Princess Cindi has turned one of her many “admirers” from school literally into a slave for her. She thinks he is pathetic and would never date him, but she knows he will literally do anything for her- so now she just keeps him as her personal homework slave so she never has to do any work again. She keeps him locked away in a cupboard 24/7 so her momm doesn’t even knows he is there. (His parentts think he just ran away from home.) Cindi pulls her slave out of its cupboard by his leash. She treats him like he is less than human now. He is truly like a possession to her now. He was in there working on one of Cindi’s homework papers.
Cindi is PISSED because she just got a text from her boyfriend and the idiot homework slave got her boyfriend a “B” on one of the papers that she made her slave write for him! The slave gets verbally berated by Cindi. And he has a ballshocker permanently attached to his balls now to help “motivate” him to do her homework for Cindi, all her friends, her boyfriend, or even people that pay HER to make her homework slave do THEIR papers for them! (It is getting quite lucrative for Cindi- which is why she attached the ballshocker to make him work harder for her.) She shocks the sh11tt out of the slave for getting her boyfirend a “B”! (How can her and her BF get into an Ivy League school together if their slave isn’t writing all “A” papers for them!!)
Cindi explains to the slave that his life is over. THIS is his life now! Living in her cupboard, doing her homework and writing her papers! And She will be using him throughout college too. AND she wants BOTH her AND her BF to get PHDs using him- without doing ANY of the work! They will just party the whole time. To make sure he “gets it”, she makes him grovel at her feet and shower them with kisses, expressing that she is his SUPERIOR and OWNER and she can use him for WHATEVER SHE WANTS. He is lucky to even be around her and especially to actually LIVE with her like this!
Cindi even thinks it might be funny to figure out a way to connect the idiot’s ballshocker to the internet so it could by controlled by her and her man via their smartphones! Then they could shock it from wherever they might be.even while they relax on the beach! The shocks are getting higher and higher- approaching “15” now because Cindi wants to make sure this loser completely fears her- so Cindi takes her shoes off and shoves her gorgeous, sweaty feet DEEP into her slave’s throat to muffle his screams because his balls are being fried now.and she doesnt want her momm to hear!
Eventually, once Cindi feels this pathetic piece of sh11tt has learned its place in life and will get her and her BF all “A”s from now on- she just casually Cindi throws him back “into his hole” and tells him to “get back to work!” Then she goes off to have a romantic date with her stud boyfriend while the loser works!



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Nut Destruction. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Nut Destruction. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Cindi




Princess Cindi Invited me on my first SPIKED-shoe ballbusting video. It was for a slave that sent us an email and said he wanted us to literally “destroy his nuts” LOL! What he didn’t know was that it was Princess Cindi that was answering the emails that day! So she booked this slave to come over for a ball busting and also invited me to try out a full assortment of spiked shoes on his balls- shoes that are guaranteed to cause some “nut destruction”! And to make sure he didn’t change his mind, we hung him from a bar in the ceiling out back, handcuffed him to keep his hands out of the way, and put a LEGSPREADER on him so his legs were WIIIDE open, leaving his nuts nice and VULNERABLE to our most vicious kicks! haha. (We even got a RUNNING START on some of our kicks- WITH our SPIKED shoes on! OMG the slave was SOOO scared! Haha.) One of us would hold his rope and give it a good TUG, so he would stand up nice n tall with his legs spread while the other one could get a nice shot in on his nuts!

Wanna see how this “big talker” got treated??? Let’s just say there was some damage done and the clip had to be stopped short! LOL. 😉 SO much fun! And with these shoes, you don’t even have to kick super hard or hurt your foot to do some serious damage- the spikes do all the work! LOL. I want another ballbusting slave to play with!

– Princess Bella



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi an…

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi and Goddess Rodea




We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some “snap kicks” between its legs to try to get the slave to “DROP” the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol…

To make it even MORE fun for us – and emotionally cruel for the slave – we make the slave turn over a card before each “round”- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea



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THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi




My real financial slave came crawling back to me after flaking and being a dummy, haha. So I had him meet me during my filming at Mean Girl Manor. I made him send me a $500 Amazon gift card ahead of time (not in the video- in real life) just to as a penalty to be invited back to the Manor so he could even be allowed the PRIVILEGE of kneeling before MY beauty and giving me MORE $$$! LOL! So he gave me $2800 plus the $500 gift card I made him send as proof that he was really going to show up. Oh plus another $200 because I wasnt going to let a financial slave that begged to be wallet ra-ped go with any cash left in his wallet. What kind of service would I be doing him if I actually let him keep any money?? haha! After that I made him realize that this is only the down payment on the amount he will be paying me for the rest of his life, I sent him on his way. Poor little guy rode his bicycle all the way here to drop off all his cash for 15 minutes then I just laughed in his face and sent him on his way back home. Pathetic. And totally OWNED by ME.

-Princess Cindi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Life Slave Applicant. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Life Slave Applicant. Starring Princess Cindi




At the end of a filming day, this slave did a pretty good job so he got to actually kneel at my feet and BEG to be a real-life slave for me. (Like off-camera: serving me, earning me money, running my errands n stuff.) I made him beg and grovel like a little bitch lol- so pathetic. Losers like this are a dime a dozen to me… If you want to see what he gets then you have to watch this video…

-Princess Cindi


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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – You Are Our Slave Now

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – You Are Our Slave Now




This slave is actually Princess Bellas property but she basically lend him to us to use for the day. It was like we were borrowing an old pair of shoes from her that she didnt really care about anyway haha. (Even though this slave is like totally in love with her- she barely even knows who he is lol.) So we decided to give him a hard time about it. Of course, me n Carmela love any excuse to fuck with a slaves head. And it turns out be an excellent excuse to slap his face into oblivion and spit on him, haha! (All while mocking him for belonging to one of the other girls!) Wait until Bella finds out we made him throw her under the bus… Stay tuned for the carnage in her next video with him, LOL.

-Princess Cindi

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