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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Sorority Girls Enter Pledge in Annual Fattest Sow Contest

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Sorority Girls Enter Pledge in Annual Fattest Sow Contest




Natalya has been feeding her little piggy, Devon, in hopes that Devon will win the fattest sow contest this year. The title of “fattest sow” goes to the pledge that has gained the most weight during their freshman year. Natalya has been stuffing Devon with pizza, apple pie and candy. But Devon is being a stick in the mud. She’s barely even through her second pizza and she says she can’t have another bite. Amadahy steps in when she hears Natalya yelling at Devon. She helps Natalya encourage Devon to eat more. After Devon has a few more bites of pie, the girls decide to take her measurements. Devon’s gained a few inches since the beginning of the semester! Her hips are especially fattening nicely. Their sorority house might be in the running for the blue ribbon. Devon looks extremely sad. She does not want to gain weight, but her new college friends keep encouraging her to eat. Amadahy and Natalya have kept the clothes that Devon fit into last year. They want her to see how tight her old clothes are on her now. Devon tries to fit into her old clothes. She can’t get her old shorts up over her growing thighs. The girls laugh at her and congratulate themselves. They have Devon try on a slightly larger pair of shorts from the beginning of the schoolyear. She can get them over her thighs and ass, but she can no longer get them to button. The girls measure Devon’s breasts. They make her wear an old blouse that barely buttons over her bra. Natalya starts yanking at the fabric, trying to see if she can get the shorts and blouse to close. Devon is just too fat to wear her old clothes. The girls take humiliating photos of Devon popping out of some of her old wardrobe favorites. They record her new measurements so that they can see how she progresses. Devon starts to cry. Natalya jiggles Devon’s fat while she cries. The girls tell Devon that she will have to stand in front of a full-length mirror and self-assess her body. Her friends want her to notice all the areas where’s she’s gained fat, and think about the areas where she could be fatter. Then, when she’s done self-assessing she’s to sit down and finish eating the junk food that Natalya has laid out for her. Devon gazes into the mirror with sadness. Then, she sits down and begins to eat her feelings. (12:42 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Devon, Natalya, Feeder/Feedee, Gaining Weight, Lesbian Domination, Sorority Hazing, Face stuffing/Overeating, Junk Food Binge, Tight Clothes, Clothing Try-On, Humiliation



Keywords: gaining weight

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Natalya Smothers a Disobedient Pledge

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Natalya Smothers a Disobedient Pledge




Alexa and Natalya return to the sorority house to find Devon sleeping in a bed. Devon’s not allowed to sleep in a bed, she’s a pledge! Not only has Devon been napping, the chores haven’t all been done. Her behavior is totally unacceptable. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to be a part of the sorority. It’s time for a talk. The girls sit Devon down. Alexa pulls Devon into a hug as she throws her onto the bed. Devon tries to explain herself, but really, her friends don’t want to hear her talk. Alexa pins down Devon’s arms and Natalya covers her mouth with her butt. No more talking. No more breathing for a disobedient pledge. With a blabbermouth like Devon, sometimes the only thing you can do to shut her up is to deny her of air to talk with. Maybe Devon can take lying beneath Natalya as a learning experience. She gets a nice up close view of what a prefect body looks like. Devon’s body is too blubbery and blobby. Probably because she’s undisciplined, does whatever she wants, eats whatever she wants. Time for Devon to shape up or ship out. Literally shape up. She’s the worst looking girl at the sorority house. It’s embarrassing to be seen with her, which is why they pretty much never let her out. Plus, everybody knows Devon’s a whore. She’s so starved for attention, she’d sleep with anything. Natalya taunts her that if she wants to get on the bed, then she should get on the bed like the whore she is, with someone on top of her. Devon starts getting upset. Plus, she can’t really breathe. Natalya and Alexa get upset right back at her. They are trying to have a conversation about their boyfriends while punishing her, but whore Devon’s muffled cries are distracting. See, Devon wouldn’t know this because she isn’t hot, but when a girl is pretty, guys try to win her with expensive gifts and memorable experiences. A pretty girl doesn’t have to just settle or put out for whoever will have her. Devon has never experienced Alpha male attention, and she enviously doesn’t want to hear them talk about what she doesn’t have. She starts getting super-bratty, kicking her feet and laughing uncontrollably. Natalya and Alexa put all their combined weight on Devon. They debate kicking Devon out of the sorority, but decide to keep her. After all, Devon’s a whore, and whores are useful. They tell Devon to get off the bed and use her whore skills to suck their feet, just like she does all those cocks. (10:00 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, Lesbian Domination, Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Brat Girls, Sorority Hazing



Keywords: lesbian domination

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 2)

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 2)




Devon is emotionally devastated. The sorority she is pledging to has just humiliated and shamed her. Even though she is sad, nobody cares about her feelings. Devon is a pledge, and as a pledge she must do as she is told. Amadahy and Sasha want Devon to smell their socks and lick their feet. They want to see how much Devon is willing to debase herself to earn being seen out with the sorority. Devon does as she is told in hopes that she will be included in a sorority event. Devon does everything her sisters have asked of her, and still doesn’t get to go out. (7:50 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Devon, Sasha Foxx, Fat Shaming, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Fat Humiliation, Mean Girls



Keywords: weight humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 1)

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 1)




In the first part of this clip, Devon is fat shamed by a clique of skinny sorority girls. They use a marker and sticky notes to illustrate all of Devon’s physical flaws. Devon is very sad and humiliated. She doesn’t fit in with the sorority. They are rich; Devon is poor. Devon lacks the self-discipline to stay skinny. She just doesn’t match them. Devon doesn’t realize that no matter what she does, she will never be one of them. The entitled sorority sisters make fun of Devon’s poverty and weight. They are extremely cruel and heartless to the ill-fitting pledge. No foot worship in this part of the clip. (13:41 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Devon, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Fat Shaming, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Fat Humiliation, Size Comparison, Mean Girls



Keywords: verbal humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Humiliated Whore Worships Feet Before Sorority Party (Pa…

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Humiliated Whore Worships Feet Before Sorority Party (Part 2)




part two of this clip, devon is very distraught that her sorority sisters have just written the word “whore” across her face while getting ready for a night out. They tell devon to stop being emotional because they need their feet worshiped. It is a rule that the pledge needs to worship feet every time she wants to leave the house. Devon’s upset, but she still wants to go to the party with her sorority sisters. She worships Alexa’s and Natalya’s feet for the privilege of leaving the house to attend the frat party with them. This clip contains a bonus highlight from a previously released clip, Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter (8:22 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation



Keywords: foot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Humiliated Whore Worships Feet Before Sorority Party (Pa…

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Humiliated Whore Worships Feet Before Sorority Party (Part 1)




In part one of this clip, pledge devon gets invited to a frat party by her sorority sisters. She is surprised to be invited out, because she has not met her weight gain goals for the week, resulting in the loss of her privilege to wear clothing around the house. Her sisters tell her that she can wear makeup and clothing for one night as a special treat. Devon’s joy is quickly shattered as her sisters reveal that they have done her makeup to make her look like a whore. They even write the word “whore” across devon’s face with dark red lipstick, so that the fraternity brothers will all know who and what she is. This clip is sorority humiliation only, no foot worship. (8:27 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Sorority Girls, Whore Shaming, Fat Shaming


Related Categories: HUMILIATION

Keywords: humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter




Natalya has taken on a project for her sorority. She plans to enter freshman pledge, Devon, in the intercollegiate fattest sow contest. The blue ribbon goes to the handler of the fattest sow. Natalya really wants that blue ribbon, and she’s going to feed a pledge until she wins it. But she’s having a problem with her sow. It just isn’t eating enough. Natalya scolds Devon, interrogating her as to what she’s consumed for each meal. Devon eats a hamburger while Natalya questions her. She lists off a tremendous list of fattening foods she has eaten, all in just one day. Devon really wants to be included in the sorority and she is working very hard to meet the weight gain goals that Natalya has set forth for her. Devon doesn’t know this; but there is no ‘Fattest Sow’ contest. Natalya is pretending to enter Devon in a contest just to haze her. Natalya loves seeing Devon gain more and more weight, totally ruining any chance Devon would ever have of being accepted into the group of popular, fit, sorority girls. The other sorority sisters think Natalya’s idea is very funny and they all play along with it, pretending that Devon may be accepted into the group if she makes effort to win the fictitious ‘fat sow’ contest. They simultaneously pick on Devon about her weight and encourage her to gain more. Devon takes all this very seriously. She does not know that the contest is fake and that she has no chance of ever being in the sorority. Natalya measures Devon’s growing waist while she eats her hamburger. She isn’t convinced that Devon is making a real effort to gain. Alexa looks on, silent and amused by Natalya’s ruse. Alexa pokes and shakes Devon’s growing belly. Natalya places a cookie in Devon’s empty hand. Devon double palms a burger in one hand and a cookie in another. Alexa produces a jelly donut from a paper bag. She reaches around and holds the donut to Devon’s lips, filling every moment with chewing. Devon now has three hands feeding her. Devon tells Natalya about her trip to the doctor while her mouth is full of food. While being passively stuffed with donut, Devon tells Natalya that her doctor has advised her to watch her weight. Natalya tells Devon that her doctor is stupid, the sorority knows what’s best for her. Sisters look out for each other, if she really wants to fit into the group she’ll stop taking other people’s advice and trust her sisters. Natalya then notices that Devon is still able to wear one of the shirts she came into the sorority with. That’s not good enough. Devon shouldn’t be able to fit any of her old clothes. This is just more evidence that pledge Devon is not trusting her sisters. You can’t fit into the sisterhood without trust! Devon is desperate to fit in. She eats the jelly donut and a cookie from Natalya’s outstretched hand. Devon complains that she’s starting to feel full. Her sisters tell her to eat faster. If she eats fast enough she should be able to consume more. Then, they pull Devon up to examine her body. Devon is not looking like a first-place sow. Natalya reminds Devon that she’s really has got to help the sorority out by being the fattest. She thinks Devon should limit her activity in addition to consuming more. Devon’s only two activities should be sitting on the sorority’s couch in the common room and eating. If she’s not eating; she’s sleeping. All a good sow should do is eat and sleep and lay about. Natalya produces a second quarter pounder for Devon to consume. Devon greedily takes a bite, but seems depressed when Natalya tells her that she’s going to have to eat the whole thing. Devon’s feeling too full already. The feeding is becoming very uncomfortable, but Alexa and Natalya won’t stop. To the second burger Natalya adds some fries. She stuffs fries into Devon’s mouth for her. Devon does love having friends. Devon thanks her new college friends for all their generosity. (9:54 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Lesbian Domination, Food Stuffing, Feeder Feedee, Gaining Weight, Eating, Food, Sorority Humiliation



Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and devon – Popular Girl trains less likable minion in School Hallway Protocols




1080 HD: Charlotte is setting down some rules for her less likable friend, devon, to follow. The first rule is that devon always has to walk three steps behind Charlotte in the school hallway. Charlotte has a personal Princess bubble, meaning that she likes to maintain her own space. She can’t have someone like devon getting too close to her and ruining her Princess image. Devon must always carry Charlotte’s purse for her and whenever Charlotte needs any item from her bag, devon needs to produce it for her within two seconds. Devon’s not very good at anything, so as always Charlotte needs to make her practice a lot to get it right. Charlotte drills devon on producing her lip gloss for her within two seconds. Devon fails terribly. Not only does she not produce the lip gloss in time, she drops the entire purse on the floor. Charlotte is outraged. She makes devon practice over and over until she gets it right. When devon finally produces the lip gloss from the bag, Charlotte applies it while telling devon that now she is going to make out with devon’s boyfriend and make her watch. But first, devon has to kiss Charlotte’s feet. Devon kneels and kisses Charlotte’s feet. When Charlotte is satisfied, she leaves to go make out with devon’s boyfriend. Devon follows three steps behind Charlotte. (9:37 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Hair brushing, Foot Kissing



Keywords: Foot Kissing

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – The Secret is Nobody Likes You

1080 HD: Charlotte knows a secret about devon. She wants to tell her, but she knows that if she tells devon, it will hurt her feelings. Devon wants to know it anyway, she wants to know what people are saying about her. Charlotte suggests that she and devon make a trade. Charlotte will tell devon the secret, if she agrees to worship her feet. Devon agrees. She takes off Charlotte’s shoes, then sits down next to her on the bed. Charlotte reveals the secret. None of the girls that devon thinks are her friends really like her. Devon starts to cry. She is heartbroken to find out that nobody at school likes her. Charlotte is indifferent. She made a trade and she’s still waiting to get her feet worshiped. She doesn’t care that devon is crying, devon has to fulfill her part of the exchange and worship Charlotte’s feet. Charlotte goes on about some of the mean things the other girls are saying about devon while devon worships her feet. The foot worship is very relaxing to Charlotte. She gets sleepy and decides she wants to take a nap. Charlotte has devon undress her so that she can be more comfortable. Devon removes Charlotte’s blouse and shorts for her. Charlotte sends her friend devon to go put her clothes in the laundry as she collapses onto the bed for a well deserved nap. (9:57 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation




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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Convinces Lesbian Friend to Worship Feet while Waiting for Boyfriend to Arrive

1080 HD: Amadahy’s boyfriend is on his way over, She and devon have been hanging out in the meantime. Amadahy knows that devon has a big crush on her, it’s kind of cute. Devon could never replace Amadahy’s boyfriend, but she’s kind of fun to play around with when Amadahy’s boyfriend isn’t there. Especially because devon is submissive as a little puppydog to Amadahy. Devon will do anything to make Her happy. Amadahy takes full advantage of devon’s little crush. It’s amusing to her to subtly humiliate devon, most of the time without devon even realizing. Devon is blinded by puppylove. For example, devon would love to make out with Amadahy like Amadahy’s boyfriend gets to. But devon doesn’t get to do that. But Amadahy does invite devon to suck on her toes. It doesn’t take much convincing from Amadahy to get devon to do degrading things. Devon will do anything just to be close to her crush. Devon does not have a foot fetish, she has an Amadahy fetish. Amadahy tells devon that it would feel really good if devon sucked Her toes. Devon wants to please Amadahy, so with little resistance she worships her friend’s feet. It is her first time worshiping feet. Amadahy keeps egging devon on by telling her how amazing it feels. Devon is very eager to please. Amadahy is able to thrust her foot deep into devon’s throat. She’s able to deep throat her before devon gags. For as shy as devon seems, she’s turning out to be quite the slut for Amadahy. Amadahy rests her waiting foot on devon’s large breasts, like a soft pedestal. You can see that the girl is being trained to be even more passive and submissive through subtle psychological manipulation. Amadahy starts to foot smother devon. She pinches the girl’s nose shut between her toes and fucks her mouth with the other foot. Devon cannot breathe. Amadahy giggles. Devon seems to be falling deeper and deeper in love with her friend. And Amadahy has made the shy little puppydog into Her bitch. There’s a Jennifer and lola clip highlight tacked on at the end for a little added emotionally crippling Les Dom. (14:19 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, devon, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation, Female Slave Training, Submissive Slut, Foot Smothering




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