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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Chastity Slave Owes Princess All but Cock Cage




720 HD: Alexa adjusts her slaves new chastity. It doesnt like the color and objects to wearing pink. It also complains that the new chastity is too tight. Alexa reminds the slave that she likes pink and that it should be tight. The slave asks to be let out. Alexa tells the slave that it already got its time out of chastity when she switched devices. It argues that that time didnt count. Alexa slaps its face. The slave is very sorry for itself. It hasnt cum in six weeks. Alexa is so over listening to it complain. She puts its mouth to better use kissing her toes. The slave kisses all of Alexas toes. Then, it kisses her ass. Alexa points out that the key to the slaves chastity is in her pocket. The slave can see its outline. She tells the slave to follow the key with his eyes as she sways her hips. Alexa paces, the gazing slave at her heels, as she chastises it for not tributing enough of its paycheck. She teases its stupid pink chastity with her perfect ass. Alexa tells the slave to, Kiss her where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave can smell Alexas boyfriend on her as he kisses between her legs. Alexa tells the slave that shes going to go over to his house and sell all of his things, so that his debt to her is paid. The only possession a real slave needs is a cage around his cock. (13:43 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Female Domination, Chastity, Body Kissing


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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Leg Fucking and Ball Busting




720 HD: Amadahy teases an especially pathetic slave by letting it fuck her legs. Its so funny to watch it desperately try to fuck her tight, muscular, calves. Amadahy spits into the slave several times. It is just a spittoon and an erection, nothing more. It fucks Amadahys silky smooth black nylons. Amadahy thinks the slave is starting to like the leg fucking a little too much. His balls are for kicking, not for cumming!!! Amadahy ball kicks the slave until Shes satisfied. The frustrated slave is in agony. But seriously, hes not allowed to cum from leg fucking! He deserved those ball kicks! (7:47 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, Leg Fucking, Ball Busting, Black Nylon Stockings, Spitting



Keywords: Amadahy, Leg Fucking

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy POV – Stupid for My Tits




1080 HD: Amadahy is a very intelligent woman, but it would be a waste for her to use her superior mind to control you. It’s much easier than that. All she has to do is wear a low cut dress. You are so stupid for perfect tits. As soon as the fluids start rushing to your dick, you can’t think straight. There just isn’t enough life force in your body for both your brain and your cock to function. Go on, look at Amadahy’s perfect cleavage, you’re allowed to. Become more and more mindless. Feel your dick growing harder as your logic is suspended. Keep looking, keep getting harder and stupider. This is how women control losers like you. Amadahy’s tits will keep you spending and spending. She can get whatever she wants because you are mindless when you are controlled by her tits. (8:10 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy POV, Femdom POV, Findom, Mind Control

Category: FEMDOM POV



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Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Mr Puckerman Fucks Silver Stockings




720 HD: Cherry instructs Mr. Puckerman to jerk his little dick. Cherry thinks his dick is laughably tiny. She spits on it. She spits on his face, too. Cherry thinks its funny that she can tell Mr. Puckerman to jerk himself and hell do it. She tells pathetic Mr. Puckerman that she wants him to fuck her legs. Mr. Puckerman tries to fuck Cherrys silver stockings. He looks very desperate thrusting between Cherrys calves. Leg fucking is actually sexually gratifying to a lifeform as low as Mr. Puckerman. He admits that he likes fucking legs. Mr. Puckerman is incredibly stupid. Its almost unbelievable how pathetic and stupid he is. (9:42 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Female Domination, Leg Fucking, Stockings, Spitting, Small Penis Humiliation



Keywords: Cherry, Stockings

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Brat Princess 2 – Cali Carter – Face Sit Smothers Danni




720 HD: Cali Carter sits on little dannis face. He is so tiny! She smothers his little face in her muscular ass. Danni cannot breathe. Cali thinks danni has it so easy. All he has to do is lay still. Dannis face makes such a comfortable seat for Cali. She wiggles her hips and plays with her hair. Cali points out dannis chastity. Poor creature cant cum, but Cali can! Cali grinds her hips and rides dannis face. Cali cums on dannis face while his pathetic manhood is all locked up. (9:19 long)

Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Chastity



Keywords: Cali Carter

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Kendall – Humiliate a Shrinking Slave




720 HD: Amadahy and Kendalls slave has just come back from the shrinking machine. Hes been reduced this time by another 5%. Amadahy and Kendall are so tall now when they stand next to the little loser. They take turns comparing their size to him and taking selfies with the freak. They tower over the little loser. The girls plan to shrink the slave down even more. Amadahy grabs the shrinking slave by its chastity. Shes surprised to see that the little guys balls havent shrunk any. They are still as big and blue as ever! The Princesses take turns shoving the little chastity slaves face into their big butts. Amadahy thinks she will shrink the slave down until it is thong sized. She would like to wear it between her ass cheeks like a thong. While the slave is still big enough, the girls have it kiss their shoes. The slave has to work harder now that he is smaller. His tongue does not cover as much surface area as it once did. While it licks the bottoms of Kendalls shoes, the Princesses discuss their plans for what do with the slave once he has been shrunken even smaller. Princess Kendall suggests that perhaps the slave could be made small enough to be worn as jewelry. Other possibilities include imprisonment inside the platform compartment of a shoe. The girls chant, loser, loser, as they have the small mouth deep throat both of their shoe heels. Amadahy plans the shrinking slaves training to prepare him for his new life as her human thong (17:46 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Kendall, SHRINKING FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, size comparison, shoe worship



Keywords: Amadahy, Kendall, size comparison

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – 100 Kicks to the Best Buns Ever




1080 HD: A new ballbusting workout is sweeping the nation. It’s called, “100 kicks to the best buns ever!” It’s happening everywhere. Wives are kicking their husbands; sisters are kicking their brothers. Losers, like the guys who stock supermarket shelves, are disappearing only to be found chained up in basements, barely kept alive, used for months merely as workout equipment. It’s all in the quest of the female of the species to obtain the best buns ever. A ladies’ buns are just that important. And it all started right here, with Edyn and Amadahy kicking their kickboy. This workout starts with a series of deep squats. The squatting really gets those strong legs working. Once the legs are warmed up, you have to go straight in for those hundred kicks. Amadahy and Edyn demo here with sets of five, five on each leg that is, before passing off the kickbag to the next girl. They do a ton of hard, solid kicks on this kickboy until he drops and doesn’t get back up. Join the new workout craze, ladies! Get your male and join us in having the best buns ever! (8:38 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Ballbusting, Female Domination, sneaker kissing, armpit smelling, sweaty workout



Keywords: sneaker kissing, armpit smelling, sweaty workout

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Lola – Ashtray Drinks Glass of Spit before Two Bladders of Pee




1080 HD: Amadahy and Lola make conversation while smoking. They ash into a human ashtray, as needed. The ashtray is ignored aside from its purpose of collecting ash. While the ladies chat, they pass a glass back and forth. They spit and ash into the clear glass. Gradually, the ashtray and glass fill. When the cigarettes are finished, they put both smoldering butts out on the ashtray slave’s tongue. They wash the butts down into the slave with the collected spit and ash from the glass. Its mouth is fit for nothing but waste. The receptacle will have to swallow two bladders of pee in addition to the refuse it has already consumed. (9:55 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Lola, Female Domination, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Spit, Toilet Slavery




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Brat Princess 2 – Cali Carter – Uses Math Teacher as Gym Equipment




720 HD: Cali does not want to be in gym class. She hates it. Fortunately, Cali has the Math teacher, Mr. Puckerman, wrapped around her little finger. Cali slaps Mr. Puckermans face. He better fix this. If he wants Princess Cali to be happy, he better find a way to get her out of gym class. Cali tells Mr. Puckerman that for every week she has to stay in gym class hell owe her more allowance. Shes going to double the amount owed by the second week and triple it by the third. Cali slaps him in the face a few more times for good measure. She runs a drill. Mr. Puckerman has to drop to the floor and kiss her feet. When he stands, Cali slaps his face. Cali runs the drill a few times before making Mr. Puckerman kiss her ass. She makes Mr. Puckerman lay on the weight bench. She sits on him. Cali takes off her socks and puts her feet on Mr. Puckermans face. Mr. Puckerman worships Calis feet. Cali spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth. His job is to get all the sweat off of Calis feet. Cali tells Mr. Puckerman that if he doesnt get her out of step aerobics next week, she will use him as her step. She makes Mr. Puckerman lay on the floor. Cali demonstrates what it will be like for him when he is used as a step. Cali enjoys using Mr. Puckerman as her step aerobics step. She decides that he will be her step from now on. Cali uses Mr. Puckerman as her step for a full aerobics work out. (17:43 long)

Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Face Slapping, Spitting, trampling, Financial Domination, Princess uses teacher as gym equipment



Keywords: Cali Carter

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Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Danni Worships Feet in Chastity




720 HD: Cherry uses the mouth of beta-male, danni, to clean her toes. She feels comfortable doing this because danni lives in chastity. Danni has very low self-esteem. Cherry makes danni bob his head on her big toe. Danni honestly enjoys spending time with Cherry. He thinks she is very pretty. He smells her feet when she tells him to. Cherry asks danni if he is grossed out by her feet. Danni nods no. Cherry notices that danni is not smiling. Learn how to smile, Cherry says. Cherry tries to teach sad-faced little danni how to smile. Danni doesnt know how to act happy, he only knows how to act scarred. Danni is afraid of everything, even Cherrys foot. Cherry laughs. She thinks dannis fear is funny. Cherry fishhooks dannis mouth open with her big toes. Then, she holds his face while thrusting into it deeply. Cherry makes danni put his tongue in-between each of her toes. She treads on his face while he holds his tongue out for her to use. (8:39 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity


Related Categories: FOOT WORSHIP, CHASTITY

Keywords: Cherry

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