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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Slave used as a Toilet While Machine Tease…

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Slave used as a Toilet While Machine Teased




1080 HD This slave is so fucked. Amadahy and Edyn have him tied up as he is edged by machine. The machine is relentless because, unlike a person, it never gets tired. While he is edged, he is forced to watch a brainwash video. He is in virtual reality, but a screen shows the girls what he is seeing. Again, the automation is tireless. He could be left like this indefinitely. Amadahy and Edyn tickle his sensitive bound balls with their long fingernails. He is completely entranced by the video. His brain is so fucked. All the messages the girls want to re-wire his brain with are sinking in as he is edged. The girls want to step up the sexual mind fuck even more. They get a vibrator and tease his balls. The edging machine combined with the vibrator is a lot for the slave to handle. His orgasm is imminent. The women don’t want him to cum yet, though. He hasn’t gotten through the whole brainwash loop even once yet. They don’t let him cum. But the teasing just gets worse and worse. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face while Edyn continues with the vibrator. Amadahy needs to take a pee break, so she goes right in the slave’s mouth. (This clip has been cut to comply with clips4sale rules). After her pee break, Amadahy puts the slave back into the virtual reality headset. The slave has been edged for a very long time. Amadahy and Edyn decide to give him a chance to cum. They only give him a narrow window to climax before they decide he is taking too long. Bored by the slave, they abandon him on the bench with the brainwash loop repeating. (16:27 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Edging, Tease & Denial, Milking Machines, Bondage, Testicle Bondage, Vibrator, Face Sitting, Toilet Slavery, Lingerie, Mind Fuck, Mental Domination, Brainwash



Keywords: tease & denial

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Brat Princess 2 – Isabella – I am Wearing Your Chastity Key on my Belly Ring

Brat Princess 2 – Isabella – I am Wearing Your Chastity Key on my Belly Ring




Classic Brat Princess. Previously released! “Come on my friends are waiting!” Princess Isabella is having a pool party. Her cuck daddy has to rub lotion on his step daughter’s beautiful 18 year old body while in chastity. Isabella loves teasing it. She thinks her mom is too nice and lets him cum too much. He has been in 9 days. “I bet you just love it with my girl friends running around in their bathing suits and their tight hot bodies. Ha ha ha ha!” She looks so bratty with his chastity key on her belly ring. The cuck daddy looks at the key and wishes she would let him out. She even tortures by turning around and haves him rub her buttocks. Pure Torture for a chastity slave. The Brat Princess Isabella really starts teasing him. Rubbing her VS Bikini bottoms on his chastity tube. She grips his package and taps her manicured fingernails on his tube and giggles. She wants him in chastity for a month! Princess wants her ass licked. Isabella loves getting her ass licked. The step daddy is on his knees licking his brat princess step daughters ass as she goes on and on about her day. The ass worship at the end is very intense. “Stick your tongue out!” She fucks his tongue with her ass. Princess Isabella pulls her bikini bottoms up in one of the most amazing Brat Princess shots ever captured. She tells cuck daddy all of her friends are going to come in and he has to lick all of their sweaty asses clean. Absolute torture for cuck daddy. This is a must buy! Teasing, ass worship, and some spitting and slapping. The tone is playful in this clip. (14:53 Long)


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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 2

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 2




In the second part of this clip, the girls continue to casually chat. At this point, everybody has bare feet. Amadahy continues to gather more foot dust with the file. She dumps a second load into the slave. It’s a lot of foot dust, even more on the second go around! Sasha uses the Ped Egg next and grates some foot dust to give to the slave that hasn’t gotten a feeding yet. After the slave gets Sasha’s foot dust, Amadahy pees into the slave’s mouth to help wash it down. There is no pee on camera in the clips for sale version of this clip, as per site rules. (8:03 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Alexa, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Foot Dust Eating, Toilet Slavery



Keywords: foot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 1

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Four Princesses Have Shoes and Feet Worshiped while Chatting Part 1




This is a candid feeling clip featuring Amadahy, Alexa, Natalya and Sasha hanging out getting their shoes and feet worshiped by two slaves. The girls chat with each other while the busy slaves work to satisfy four demanding Princesses. The girls all start out wearing high heels and eventually move on to getting their feet worshipped. Amadahy uses a Ped Egg to file the bottoms of her feet. Towards the end of Part 1, she feeds one of the slaves her foot dust and washes it down with spit. (11:09 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Alexa, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Shoe Licking, Foot Worship, Foot Dust Eating, some spitting



Keywords: shoe & boot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Edging Salon Handjob

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Edging Salon Handjob




1080 HD Poor slave miles has been dropped off at the edging salon. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to get forcibly milked. After he’s been tied up, his teaser, Alexa, emerges in a white bathrobe. She welcomes miles to the Edging Salon. Alexa removes her robe. Miles still has no idea what’s going on, but he can’t help but check out Alexa’s butt as she reveals her sexy teaser outfit. Even though he’s clueless and tied up, maybe this won’t be all bad for miles? Restrained, forced, milking is just one of the many things teasers do at the Edging Salon. They reprogram and train slaves using a variety of traditional and technological methods and means. Forced milking works great. Males are so entitled to having orgasms, so used to being in control of their own orgasms. Forcing an orgasm from a male takes away one of the things he’s used to feeling in control of. Making him cum passively is an excellent form of slave training. You pacify the orgasm; you pacify the male. It works great even on unruly ones. They perceive that they are receiving pleasure, and they are, but through it they’re being taught to relinquish sexual control to Women. (Note: This clip was filmed against a white wall, so there’s not enough contrast to clearly see the cumshot when it happens. Priced accordingly.) (10:23 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Handjobs, Female Domination, Bondage Male, The Edging Salon, Milking, Forced Orgasm

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Natalya Smothers a Disobedient Pledge

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Natalya Smothers a Disobedient Pledge




Alexa and Natalya return to the sorority house to find Devon sleeping in a bed. Devon’s not allowed to sleep in a bed, she’s a pledge! Not only has Devon been napping, the chores haven’t all been done. Her behavior is totally unacceptable. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to be a part of the sorority. It’s time for a talk. The girls sit Devon down. Alexa pulls Devon into a hug as she throws her onto the bed. Devon tries to explain herself, but really, her friends don’t want to hear her talk. Alexa pins down Devon’s arms and Natalya covers her mouth with her butt. No more talking. No more breathing for a disobedient pledge. With a blabbermouth like Devon, sometimes the only thing you can do to shut her up is to deny her of air to talk with. Maybe Devon can take lying beneath Natalya as a learning experience. She gets a nice up close view of what a prefect body looks like. Devon’s body is too blubbery and blobby. Probably because she’s undisciplined, does whatever she wants, eats whatever she wants. Time for Devon to shape up or ship out. Literally shape up. She’s the worst looking girl at the sorority house. It’s embarrassing to be seen with her, which is why they pretty much never let her out. Plus, everybody knows Devon’s a whore. She’s so starved for attention, she’d sleep with anything. Natalya taunts her that if she wants to get on the bed, then she should get on the bed like the whore she is, with someone on top of her. Devon starts getting upset. Plus, she can’t really breathe. Natalya and Alexa get upset right back at her. They are trying to have a conversation about their boyfriends while punishing her, but whore Devon’s muffled cries are distracting. See, Devon wouldn’t know this because she isn’t hot, but when a girl is pretty, guys try to win her with expensive gifts and memorable experiences. A pretty girl doesn’t have to just settle or put out for whoever will have her. Devon has never experienced Alpha male attention, and she enviously doesn’t want to hear them talk about what she doesn’t have. She starts getting super-bratty, kicking her feet and laughing uncontrollably. Natalya and Alexa put all their combined weight on Devon. They debate kicking Devon out of the sorority, but decide to keep her. After all, Devon’s a whore, and whores are useful. They tell Devon to get off the bed and use her whore skills to suck their feet, just like she does all those cocks. (10:00 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, Lesbian Domination, Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Brat Girls, Sorority Hazing



Keywords: lesbian domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Trample Bitch (with Scissor Bonus Footage)

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Trample Bitch (with Scissor Bonus Footage)




The trample bitch only gets to hang out with hot girls if he agrees to be their red-carpet. Trample bitch is pretty desperate for female attention, so he agrees. Amadahy is not a small girl. She squishes her human carpet like a tiny bug under her feet. Amadahy walks the red carpet. The red-carpet whimpers under Amadahy’s weight. Amadahy feels insulted. It’s like he’s calling her fat. She isn’t. She bounces on the red-carpet to teach it a lesson. Amadahy gets in a lot of hard bouncing on trample bitch’s chest and abdomen. She stands on his face and tramples his throat. When she’s done, Amadahy has the trample bitch kneel at the end of the bed. Amadahy is going to put him in a scissorhold. He has never been in a scissorhold before. He taps out over and over. Amadahy ignores his taps. He really can’t take it, but Amadahy doesn’t care. She scissors his neck with her powerful legs until he is too weak to even kneel. (12:07 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Miles Striker, Barefoot Trample, Dance Trample, Face Trample, Throat Trample, Bouncing on Bed, Victory Poses, Bikini, Chastity, Scissorhold



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Mia – Tease a Newly Made Chastity Slave

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Mia – Tease a Newly Made Chastity Slave




This slave is getting accustomed to its first chastity device. The transition to chastity has not been easy. He keeps complaining that the device is uncomfortable. Really, the problem is not that the chastity device is uncomfortable; it’s that the slave is selfishly concerned with its own comfort. Instead of worrying over his own feelings, he should be realigning his thoughts to better serving Princesses. Amadahy makes the slave kiss its own chastity key, dangling from her ankle. She and Mia would never let a slave out of chastity just because it complains about the discomfort. In fact, they are going to make his discomfort even worse. They know that this newly made chastity slave has a thing for butts. Amadahy and Mia tease the slave with their perfect butts, so that he gets aroused. The more aroused he gets, the tighter the chastity device becomes. Sometimes the only way to prove to a slave how good he has it, is to make things much worse for him. The chastity device becomes unbearable. Soon the slave is begging the Princesses to stop teasing him with their perfect butts and feet. What normally would have been intense pleasure from indulging his fetishes has turned into extreme discomfort. The first 30 days in chastity are always some of the hardest for the slave, and some of the most fun for the Princesses. When the Princesses tire of teasing the slave, they have him start licking the floors of the house clean. They head out for some cocktails. The Princesses want the floors spotless when they return. (12:51 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Mia, Chastity, Female Domination, Disco Pants, Tease & Denial, Foot Worship, Shoe Licking

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: tease & denial

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Leg Scissor its Neck and Cover its Ugly Face with Spit

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Leg Scissor its Neck and Cover its Ugly Face with Spit




Anytime is a great time to abuse a slave. After dinner, for no reason, Amadahy grabs the ugliest slave in the household by its neck. She puts the slave into a scissorhold, which causes the slave to start tapping immediately. This slave is completely disposable to everyone in the household. Everybody hates it. No one cares one bit if it stays around, so all the girls just do the worst things they can think of to it. The slave hates scissoring, but again, everybody hates this slave so nobody cares that he can’t really take it. Amadahy wants to end its existence between her thighs, but the other Princesses want to keep it around to watch it suffer a little while longer. Kendall pulls the slave’s ugly face into her as she wraps her thighs around it. Kendall makes the slave tap twice with her strong scissorhold. Natalya takes a turn next. Natalya spits right in the slave’s ugly face while squeezing its neck. Everybody hates this slave’s stupid face, so all the girls spit on it. The spitting’s really fun, so they keep doing more and more of it. The slave gets totally ganged up on by the three hot girls. They completely overpower him. Soon, ugly is totally covered in Princess spit. Amadahy’s had strep throat and she wants her most despised slave to get the infection. Soon, he’ll be suffering alone in his cage with the horrible pain, fever, and chills she and Natalya have had. The worst slave ever will either prove its devotion to the household, or perhaps expire quietly in the night from lack of medical treatment. Nobody cares which. (11:18 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Kendall, Natalya, Female Domination, Scissorhold, Spitting, Humiliation



Keywords: scissorhold

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Brat Princess 2 – Gwen – Pantyhose Cock Cage Foot Tease

Brat Princess 2 – Gwen – Pantyhose Cock Cage Foot Tease




This is the complete version of this clip. Best Value. See parts 1 and 2 for description.

Clip Contains: Goddess Gwen, Taylor Dawn, Foot Worship, Female Domination, Pantyhose, Chastity, Financial Domination



Keywords: foot worship

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