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[Femdom 2019] She Owns Your Manhood – Pepper Hart Gets Batman’s Balls [Handjob, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking]

[Femdom 2019] She Owns Your Manhood – Pepper Hart Gets Batman’s Balls [Handjob, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking]




Batman tracked down the slutty villainess Pepper Hart’s lair. Robin has been missing for days and he knows she had something to do with it.

Pepper Surprises Batman wearing only shiny pantyhose, high socks, sneakers, and high waisted panties. She giggles while he grabs her to take her down, then pulls out a watch and swings it in his face.

Quickly she has full control over the dark knight. She tells him that after she snaps her fingers he will believe that the only way to take bring her to justice will be if she kicks him hard in the balls over and over.

She snaps and he demands that she kick him in the balls as hard as she can. Slutty Evil Pepper giggles and happily kicks him over and over while he begs for more.

She notices that he has a huge erection so she pulls out his cock. He doesn’t stop her. Pepper is impressed by his huge cock so she gets down on her knees and starts to suck it. Batman tells her this does nothing for him. He demands that she get back to destroying his balls with kicks. Pepper smiles at how powerful she is and how week she has made the dark knight.

She goes back and forth between sucking his huge cock and kicking the fuck out of his nuts. The kicks get harder and harder and her evil side gets more evil as this goes on.

Pepper ties Batman to her rack with his legs spread wide. He willingly lets her as he is still under her spell. Once he’s fully bound and secure with his legs spread and nuts exposed, she snaps him back to normal and laughs.

He comes to and is angry. “This is exactly what I did to Robin! He was so mad when I cut his little balls off though… [giggle]”

“Don’t worry Bats, you can keep this big cock, I just want your balls…”

Evil Slutty Pepper can’t stop herself from sucking on Batman’s huge cock while is still works. She goes back and forth from giving him the best blowjob of his life and kicking his balls into mush.

“I’m going to take your balls after you cum. So just don’t cum if you want to keep them…”

“Get ready, I’m gonna squeeze the cum out of your balls while I suck your dick.” She sucks the cum out of his cock, opens her pretty mouth to show him his last load then kisses him and spits it in his mouth.

“I’m gonna take my time cutting these off. I’m not even gonna put you back under. :)”

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[Femdom 2018] Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Batman Falls Prey To The Black Widow XXX [Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting]

[Femdom 2018] Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Batman Falls Prey To The Black Widow XXX [Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting]




The Black Widow capture Batman, biting him with submissive venom to make him her submissive slave.

After she makes him like her feet, the villain bites him again. Only this time, with arousal venom. Now, his efforts to fight her off are completely futile, and he can no longer resist her at all.



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Episode #4 in my Batgurl Storyline – $11.99 for a limited time! Clip Includes: Superhero Perils, Super Villain, Batgurl, “Barbie Quinn” aka Hahnny Quinn’s brainwashed clone, Fight Sequence, Supernatural Strength, Magic Control, Stripping, Scissorholds, Face Sitting, Smothering, Beatdown, Secret Identity, Unmasking, Transformation, Humiliation, Good turned Evil, NO NUDITY

In the last episode, Hahnny Quinn hacked into Batgurl’s computer to activate a brainwashing sequence, and in spite of her trying to fight it, after a series of degrading and humiliating orders, Batgurl is transformed from good to evil as a clone of HQ named “Barbie Quinn,” completely under Hahnny’s Quinn’s control.

In this clip, she dresses back up as Batgurl to bait Bat Man to a secret undisclosed hideout on his own. When he gets there, she uses her new supernatural strength (brainwashed clones always seem to have super strength) to defeat Bat Man. She punches him into agony, kicks him when he falls to the ground, then throws him around the room and punching him some more. Before he has a chance to recover she SMOTHERS him under her BIG BUTT so he can’t breath, then locks him into a Revere Headscissor, maneuvering to a side over-the-throat scissor when he taps out. Once she has him completely weakened, laying there in confusion wondering what has gotten into her, she does a little strip tease to reveal her new colors…where she is wearing her Barbie Quinn costume underneath her batsuit. “No…no…it can’t be…Barbie Quinn?” It’s all Bat Man can muster to say in his weakened state. She laughs and begins having her fun with him. Bat Man is determined to fix her, to return her to normal, but unfortunately she continues Face Sitting him until he’s gasping for breath. She says she’s always been the superior one and superiors belong ON TOP. How does it feel to be defeated, she asks him. The big bad bat under her big butt? She unmasks him in spite of his pleas. Then she tells him that if he wants to keep his identity secret, he’ll need to kiss her ass. He won’t comply, so she sits on his face some more…again and again, until he’s out of breath and complies just to survive. Then mounting him, she tells him she’s so happy she could just hug him….and puts him to sleep in a breast smother. She thanks him for the “bang” and leaves her calling card. Will Bat Man Escape? Will Barbie Quinn Continue her Brainwashed Mayhem? Will Bat Man be able to save Batgurl now that he knows the culprit behind her disappearance? Tune in for the next episode!

*This was a customized clip. Create your own custom superheroine video! Details are at LudellaHahnFetish.com on the Customs Page..



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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Batman Milked and Executed XXX

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Batman Milked and Executed XXX




Batman has trailed a new assassin back to her lair. As they begin to face off the dark night is slammed from behind by a huge hammer. Now Batman is in the hands of an assassin that wants his life and a mad woman that wants cum.



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Lady Fyre Femdom – Batman, Enslaved Crusader – Ft. Taurus Angel & Mallory Sierra

Lady Fyre Femdom – Batman, Enslaved Crusader – Ft. Taurus Angel & Mallory Sierra




Featuring: Mallory Sierra (@ msfunontheside) & Taurus (@ TaurusAngelBA)
Sequel to: Catwoman’s Coercion
Batman, Poison Ivy, Catwoman & Joker Parody: In the last episode, Joker & Ivy captured Batman then walked in on Catwoman trying to free him. They captured Catwoman too, tied her up, and pleasured her until she agreed to join their team.
In this episode, Catwoman & Joker watch as Ivy blows pheromones into Batman’s face, making him more pliable. He sways, int.0x.icated by Ivy’s plant spell. Joker tells Catwoman to give him a blowjob, and since he’s under the influence of Ivy’s pheromones he can’t resist. Catwoman obviously likes Batman’s cock; she laps & slurps it. Once he begins to realize how weak his is now, they untie him. Joker decides it’s time to weaken Batman further & rides his cock. Batman begs her: “Please just k.1.ll me now.” Joker replies, “I’m not going to k.1.ll you, I’m just going to fuck you really really hard.” Ivy taunts Batman: “You made us what we are, but you should have stayed out of our way.”
Ivy says it’s her turn on the bat cock. “You’re lucky I didn’t wear my poison lipstick today.” Then she decides she’s tired of Batman being so passive. She’s likes her men to be energetic during sex, so she pours a vial of concentrated pheromones into Batman’s mouth. He struggles then exclaims, “Something strange is happening to me. I need to fuck!” He grabs Catwoman & fucks her hard while her giant tits flop wildly. Then he grabs Joker & does her doggystyle. Ivy loves this new version of Batman, a slave to his desires.
Ivy gets a little jealous that they’re hogging all the bat cock, and she pushes Joker off Batman. “It was MY potion!” she says & rides his dick hard. “Batman has to keep his promises. He always has. So if you ladies could make him promise one thing, what would it be? Now is the perfect time.” They have him right where they want him, all three villains get what they want, and now it’s time for Batman to get what he wants. Ivy cheers on Joker & Catwoman as they give him a sloppy blowjob & make him cum hard. Now he’s practically their slave.
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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman




Enjoy the action packed Complete version of Harley vs. Batman. Harley Quinn has captured the batman, leaving him weak and powerless. She announces live on TV to the world she has built 2 websites that you can donate to. One to keep batman alive and well the other to him live on TV! She wants to give the audience a real show, so she unshackles Batman and orders him to fight her! He tries but is no match for Harley in his weaken state, She enjoys all the fun of beating him up till he is almost comatose. Now what to do with him while she’s waiting for the numbers to add up…. She notices the bat cock and decides what a good idea it would be to drain Batman of his cum before she drains him of his life! She gives him a super sloppy BJ before sucking him dry and swallowing all his batcum down. She checks the totals and it doesn’t look so good for the batman but shes nowhere near done having fun with him. Its time to fuck his mouth and tight little batcunt with her huge strap-on. She makes him choke on her dick before spraying cum all over his face! She flips him around in doggy to give him a hard anal pounding. He begs for mercy but she just laughs maniacally saying don’t beg me for mercy, beg Gotham! She fucks his tight asshole until one last donation comes in from Wonder Woman, was it enough to tip the scales in his favor? Does the batman live? will he be able to survive being smothered under Harley’s booty while being in pussy squirt?



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Meana Wolf – Who Is Batman

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**Now now…don’t struggle Robin. You know you cant escape from my clutches. And besides…if you stay awhile, you may find it very pleasurable. See I’m going to fuck your brains out heheh that’s right…and once Batman sees this little video tape of us it’s going to drive him insane. He’ll never be able to trust you knowing that you’ve been inside of me. What do you think will make him more angry? The fact that you’ve fucked a criminal? Or the fact that it was your cock inside of me instead of his? hehehhe What better way to drive a wedge between the best of friends than with pussy? You can say no all you want…but your cock says yes. Yes fuck me harder Boy Wonder heheh Oh yes…You like it when this kitty licks all over your fucking cock? Of course you do…but now it’s time for your punishment! Oh you didn’t think you could just betray your best friend without a little punishment! hehe And you know they always say to let the punishment fit the crime? hehe Well I’m going to start sucking you…fucking you…stroking you…edging you…I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard. But when you do cum? hahah You’re going to tell me who Batman is. And I won’t stop jerking and torturing your cock until you do! Now tell me, Who is Batman?!xoxoMeana Wolf Clip Contains: Catwoman forces Robin’s cock hard and slides it inside her. She’s videotaping, and this one’s got Batman’s name on it. She can’t help but enjoy herself long after she has all the condemning footage that she needs…riding Robin’s hard cock. Once she cums on his thick dick, she strokes him and sucks him. She want’s to know who Batman is, and she’s not going to stop stroking Robin’s cock until he gives Batman up. How much of this sexual mind fuckery can Robin take? How much post cum torture can the Boy Wonder Handle!? Will he reveil the true Identity of Batman? Watch “Who is Batman?”



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disguise, torture, cruel, mean, vicious

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Deviant Fetish Girls – Harley Quinn Busts Mistah J’s Balls

Deviant Fetish Girls - Harley Quinn Busts Mistah J's Balls.mp4.0003

Deviant Fetish Girls - Harley Quinn Busts Mistah J's Balls.mp4.0007

Deviant Fetish Girls - Harley Quinn Busts Mistah J's Balls.mp4.0015

(HOLY SHIT BATMAN! This may be our BEST ballbusting clip EVER!) Mistah J (aka: The Joker), get his nuts destroyed by Harley Quinn (played by Cameron Dee). She found out he cheated on her with Poison Ivy, and demands that he take a beating, or she will leave him forever. The Joker has been abusive to Harley for a long time and today it stops! SHE SLAMS HIS BALLS WITH A BASEBALL BAT! – And gives her signature yell, YAHTZEE! She starts kicking him, but he likes it, so she kicks him harder with her hot boots(he finally stops laughing, LOL), squishes his balls with her heels and crams him with her knees, all while laughing at him! Looks like Harley will be running things from now on in this relationship 🙂

CONTAINS: GREAT DIALOGUE & COSPLAY SKIT, COSTUME FROM THE UPCOMING MOVIE, BOOT KISSING, ASS KISSING, NUDE BUSTING(first 5 minutes are non-nude), ROLE PLAY, VERBAL HUMILIATION. ***NOTE: If you don’t love this clip, let us know and we will attempt to figure out what the fuck is wrong with you****


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