Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 1)

Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 1)




Mia’s having problems with her boyfriend, Miles. She takes Miles to Vienna, a relationship councilor. Vienna asks Mia to explain the problems in the relationship. Mia rattles off a long list of complaints. She feels that if a guy like Miles wants to be with her, he’s really going to need to step it up. He needs to provide for her everything she wants because that’s what she deserves, and what good boyfriends do. Vienna completely agrees with Mia. She feels that the issues are stemming from a breakdown in communication. So, she teaches the couple some new communication techniques. Vienna encourages Mia to give Miles a good slap across the face whenever she feels like his behavior needs correcting. Face slapping is an excellent communication technique, it really lets the boyfriend know that you are upset with it. It doesn’t have to think, or ponder your words. A good slap in the face lets it intuitively know that it’s done something bad. After a few trial slaps, Mia thinks the counseling’s going great! She feels a lot better when she hits Miles in the face. Mia has another problem, though. Miles talks out of turn. Vienna has a solution. She instructs Mia to place bandages over Miles mouth to keep him from yammering on. The point of the bandages is not to physically keep Miles from talking (obviously, he could just take them off) the point is instead to remind Miles not to talk. Techniques like this will help train Miles to be silent and obedient. Vienna asks Mia if there are any other problems with Miles. Mia tells Vienna that Miles’ penis is way, way too small to please her. Vienna has Miles remove his clothes, so that she can examine his penis. It’s so small! The women make a few jokes about the size. Vienna admits, there isn’t much to be done about a small penis. The only thing you can do is just lock the male in chastity and avoid the penis altogether. Vienna sends Miles into a separate room so that the women can speak candidly about him. Mia tells Vienna privately that she wants to entrance Miles under the guise of a smoking cessation session. She’s taken Miles to a trained practitioner because she wants Vienna to remove all Miles’ self-esteem while he’s under. Her aspiration for her boyfriend is to turn him into a completely obedient pay pig. Miles has a lot of money. Mia wants to be able to drain Miles of his finances and move onto the next loser as soon as possible. Vienna thinks that with regular counselling and entrancement sessions, they should be able to fully rinse him within just a few months. The women call Miles back into the room. They tell Miles it’s time to begin his smoking cessation therapy. Vienna begins the induction. (13:32 long)

Clip Contains: Mia, Miles Striker, Vienna, Female Domination, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Financial Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Face Slapping



Keywords: mental domination

File Name : Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 1)
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